About this LAnd

HEY. I'm crazy glad you are here. I'm Annie and this is a little place where I write about all the ways I try to live my version of "off the land". For me, living off the land means lots of different things. I was born, raised, and currently live in Cleveland. Like lots of people here, I love to vote everyday with every penny that I spend. I try my best to support small, local businesses. You'll find all the things I write related to Cleveland, right here.

I share about lots of other things here, too! I'm a big fan of buying this Made in America where I can so I hope that I can share some things that might help you shop better, too. But you must know, that I'm not an "all-or-nothing" kind of gal when it comes to buying Made in America and you can read more about that here, too. Thirdly, I like to tell allllll about Nic and I's traveling adventures. We like to go places and honestly, I like planning the trip just as much I like going on the trip.

Other than writing lots here, you can find me running two businesses! Nellie Taft is an all made in America women's clothing boutqiue and The Water Creative is a cute little content marketing company that we run. And if I'm not doing something related to those, than chances are I'm at a Cavs game, walking outside, or sleeping. Enjoy your time checking this little site out, I'm grateful for you, and I hope it helps you in some way.