Shop This Land: My Made in the USA Skincare Routine


I’ve officially written 3 posts on my made in America skincare routine so I think it’s safe to say I take skincare and where I’m buying it seriously. In case you only have interest in one of these products or aren’t sure where to start, I wrote up a summary or a little guide to my made in American skin care routine.

step 1: christina moss naturals organic facial wash

First things first, I use this wash in the morning and the night. It’s nice and subsy, it smells great, and it works. Sometimes, I use dab this soap on a washcloth and scrub my face gently for some exfoliation. This soap costs about $20/bottle on Amazon and it lasts me about 2.5 months. You really only need a small drop to wash your face. Customer service here is an A++++, too. I had a defective bottle and was sent a brand new one like it was nothing. Buy it here. 

step 2: s.w. basics organic toner

Next up, this 5-ingredient toner. If I had to use only one thing on my face to try and keep it clear and not dry-as-a-bone, this would be my pick. I use it with a cotton ball and when I dab it on my face, I can feel it working. The smell is a little weird – I don’t think it’s bad but it’s not the first thing I would grab as a perfume. Regardless, I noticed a huge difference in my complexion once I started using it. It’s about $22/bottle and it lasts approx. 40 days. I use it morning and night. If you get it and start using it, I would recommend just starting off with morning OR night to see how it works with your face. SW Basic’s is down right committed to helping people out with their skin issues, too. Big fan! Buy the toner here.

step 3: nourish organic lightweight face lotion

Not kidding when I say I have probably tried over 23 different kinds of lotions. This one has stuck and I don’t have any plans of switching. It smells good, it works, and it doesn’t leave my skin oily. When you are shopping for Made in America products only, you don’t have a bazillion options but you have enough to try a few. Nourish Organic’s lotion is my favorite I tried thus far. It’s $23/bottle and lasts about 2 months. I buy in bulk during their annual “Green Friday” sale. Buy it here.